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HP Officejet XPro 451 dw
[CN 463A]
Cena: 1,346,85 zł
od HNFT1DUQCfiX Data dodania: 19 December 2014

We purchased this _a href=""_prientr_/a_ to replace a Canon Pixma that finally bit the dust after an epic paper jam.Set-up was amazingly quick and easy. Our Brother and Canon _a href=""_prientr_/a_s seemed to take a good hour.The _a href=""_prientr_/a_ is bigger than our Canon and appears more substantial. The menu display on the machine is colorful, sharp, and easy to read. While printing is a bit noisier than our previous _a href=""_prientr_/a_, I don't think it is loud enough to be an issue. The _a href=""_prientr_/a_ seems fast and print quality is excellent. This machine seems very user-friendly.Printing from the iPad is easy, you just email the document or pic to the _a href=""_prientr_/a_'s own email address. It usually starts the print job less than a minute after you send it.We have not tried the fax or scanner utilities yet, so I can't comment on those.The only con I can think of is the _a href=""_prientr_/a_ ink price, which is a lot more than what we paid for Canon ink. We frequently bought generic ink for the Canon, which saved a lot of $. As this _a href=""_prientr_/a_ is new, there are no generic ink equivalents that I have seen. Hopefully, this will happen soon. Until then, we're forced to use genuine HP ink. You may want to keep this in mind if you'll be doing a very high volume of printing. Considering the quality and the impression that it should last a number of years, I think our moderate use of the _a href=""_prientr_/a_ is worth the ink cost.Update 8/11/12Well, we have been using this _a href=""_prientr_/a_ very light to moderate over the past three months and it just developed a Missing or Failed Printhead error and refuses to print. We are waiting for response from HP customer service via email. In the meantime, I'm knocking my review down to 3 stars. Update 8/25/12After working with HP customer service through email it was determined the _a href=""_prientr_/a_ head failure was a hardware problem and they offered to replace the _a href=""_prientr_/a_. We found it quicker to take it back to the store and have it exchanged. The new one is working fine so far. In the meantime, knocking our rating up to 4 stars.Ocena: 5/5

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HP Officejet XPro 451 dw

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